I never thought I would become a photographer and that it would become the main focus of my life. After receiving an SLR camera as a present, I started to take pictures of my children. What followed was a long journey – I studied and experimented with various forms and genres of photography. I gradually transitioned from being an economist to a photographer. Photography became a vital and fulfilling part of my life. Taking pictures of children brings great joy to me. I feel so at home with children, we seem to fully understand each other. There can be great trust that exists between us, which provides wonderful conditions for creativity to take off. That in turn, continues to ignite my inspiration. A child’s world is that constant cycle of exploration, joy, and inspiration for me! As a woman and a mother, my journey through photography has allowed me to find a voice to express what I have to say about love, life, and the experience of becoming, in a way that people are also touched and inspired by, as well. That to me completes the whole picture. My works and interviews have been published in Elle magazine, Portrait photography, Dodho magazine, and I am also a winner and participant of international competitions and festivals of portrait and child photography.